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Legal disclaimer
The information contained on the web site VILLASPLANET.COM about each of the properties and promotions is supplied by the owners, including photos, plans, projects in execution or future projects for VILLASPLANET S.L. All of the data provided by the service, except for typographic mistakes, come directly from said advertisers who are, consequently, the parties responsible for their truthfulness and THIS INFORMATION DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER. Each property or promotion is directly related to its advertiser. Therefore, all information related to Royal Decree 515/1989 of 21st April, Organic Law regarding the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD), for the protection of consumers regarding information to be provided in the sale and rental of properties shall be made available to the public at our office, located in Puerto de Alcudia.

In accordance with the contents of the 15/1999 Act of 13th December on the Protection of Personal Data, we hereby inform you that any data that you provide to us shall be included in the computerised General File CLIENTS registration code No. 2083460368 in the General Registry for Data Protection (GRDP), which is comprised of the CONTACT, RENTAL FORM, SALES FORM files and is the responsibility of VILLASPLANET, S.L., with its address for the purposes of notification in C/ Mar i Estany nº1 local A-B, local B - 07410 Puerto de Alcudia (Mallorca - Baleares).

We also inform you that any data you provide to us shall be accessible to the owners for whom we market the properties and about which you request information. Clients declare that any information that they provide to VillasPlanet is, to the best of their knowledge, truthful. VillasPlanet shall store these data for the purposes of sending clients offers via e-mail about its own or third party products and services that may be of interest.

Clients or their representatives may exercise their right to access, rectification, opposition and cancellation via e-mail sent to: or by a written, signed request to VILLASPLANET, S.L., C/ Mar i Estany nº 1 local A-B – 07410 Puerto de Alcudia (Mallorca - Baleares). Said request must contain the following information: Name and surname of the client, address for the purposes of notifications, a photocopy of their national identification document or passport and specific details of the request. In the event of representation, said request must be made through a verifiable document.
Finally, we inform you that the CLIENT File of VillasPlanet, where all your data are stored, complies with all security measures that guarantee the confidentiality and security of the processing of your data and that therefore we guarantee you the highest possible security regarding any information you provide to us.

Our web sites:|www.planetvillascom||, exclusively including their text, software, contents, photographs, icons, button icons, audio files in any format, audiovisual material and graphics, are protected by copyright and other legitimate registered rights, in accordance with all the international treaties to which Spain is a party and other Spanish property rights and laws.
The images used on these web sites are the property of VILLASPLANET, S.L.

The web sites:|www.planetvillascom|| are solely and exclusively for the personal use of users. Their modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, re-sale and other forms of exploitation are prohibited, whether for commercial purposes or not. You may not use the aforementioned web sites for illegal or unauthorised purposes. Users specifically accept that they shall only use the web sites for their own purposes and that that the products or services acquired through the web sites|www.planetvillascom||  shall be for their own use or consumption or for the use or consumption of the people that they are legally authorised to represent. Users may not re-sell any products or services acquired through the web sites to other persons.

You may not use the service for illegal purposes. You hereby accept to use the service solely for personal non-commercial use. You also hereby accept not to use, transfer, distribute or have access to the information included in the service in any way that could compete unfairly with VillasPlanet. You accept that the service has been developed, compiled, prepared, revised, selected and configured by VillasPlanet. You shall protect the copyright of VillasPlanet during the term of this contract. You shall inform VillasPlanet, in writing and in an appropriate way, if you observe any unauthorised or improper use of the service by third parties or infringements of copyright, registered trademarks or any other rights that the service might be infringing or vice versa.

VillasPlanet offers this web site "as is", in other words VillasPlanet does not guarantee its elements either explicitly or implicitly. Regarding the functioning of the web site or the information, contents, software, designs, files or products included therein, VillasPlanet is exempt from any warranties, including the warranty of fitness for a specific purpose. VillasPlanet SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND THAT MIGHT ARISE FROM THE USE OF THIS WEB SITE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DIRECT OR INDIRECT DAMAGES

Without prejudice to the contents of the above paragraph, VillasPlanet does not accept any liability that might arise from the lack of truthfulness, completeness, currency or accuracy of the data or information regarding products or services, prices, routes, distances, characteristics or any other relevant data or information regarding the products and services offered via the web site by the suppliers of products or services.

VillasPlanet does not guarantee that the service will be compatible with its hardware or software, or that the service will not contain errors, viruses, worms, or "trojan horses" and accepts no liability for damages caused by these destructive elements. You hereby accept that VillasPlanet, its suppliers and agents shall not be liable for (1) damages, whether these are caused by the negligence of its employees, contractors, agents, suppliers, or that arise in connection with the service, VillasPlanet not accepting any liability for losses of earnings, general losses, indirect or collateral damages, or as a consequence of the filing of claims against VillasPlanet by third parties, or for (2) faults, discrepancies, omissions, delays or other errors in the service caused by its computer system or by the use of the service via said equipment. The contents of other web sites, goods or advertisements that might be linked to the service are not administered or managed by VillasPlanet. VillasPlanet is also exempt from any liability arising from the non-fulfilment or inadequate fulfilment by the suppliers of products and services of the obligations derived from current legislation and from the sales terms and conditions of any of the products that are contracted through the web site. VillasPlanet (a) does not guarantee, explicitly or implicitly, the use of links supplied in or linked to the service, (b) does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or the design of any other web site, service, goods or advertisements that might be linked to the service, (c) does not explicitly or implicitly promote any other web sites, services, goods or advertisements that might be linked to the service.

VillasPlanet, its board members and employees, general partners and its agents shall not be liable, directly or indirectly in any way whatsoever, either to you or to any other person for: (1) errors or omissions in the service, (2) delays, errors or interruptions in the transmission or delivery of the service, or for (3) losses or damages, or for any other any other reason connected to non-fulfilment.

This Legal Disclaimer, as well as any relationship between you as user and VillasPlanet shall be governed by Spanish legislation. For any litigious question arising from the existence or contents of this Legal Disclaimer or from the relationships between the user and VillasPlanet, both parties, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction to which they may have recourse, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain). We hereby reserve the right to change the contents of our web site or of the Legal Disclaimer at any time.

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